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Size: 674,5 MB
Release: 2022-04-06 [April '22]
Downloaded: 50×

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  • Driver File name: igfx_win_101.1330.exe
  • Driver OS support: Windows 10 | Windows 11
  • WHQL signed for: Windows 10
  • Driver type: DCH (See Wiki)
    - Intermittent crash or hang seen in A Total War Saga: Troy* when the campaign is launched and “Ultra” quality game settings are selected.
    - Rust may intermittently experience an application crash when joining a new server.
    - Creo may experience graphical corruption or anomalies during general application usage.
    - Intermittent stutter or lag may be experienced during gameplay in DOTA 2 (DX11) and Grand Theft Auto V (DX11).
    - Naraka: Bladepoint may experience texture corruption or flickering on some ground surfaces.
    - Horizon Zero Dawn, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Strange Brigade, Borderlands 3 and Diablo 2: Resurrected may exhibit lighting or texture corruption in some areas of the game when using DirectX12 API.
    - Path of Exile (Vulkan) user interface and/or HUD may exhibit corruption.
    - Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI may fail to process video output or may experience graphical corruption while processing video output.
    - Some Adobe Lightroom effects utilizing WinML may fail to process or output correctly.

    - Back 4 Blood may experience lighting or texture corruption when mist is visible on screen.
    - Forza Horizon 5 may experience texture corruption.
    - Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War may experience an application crash during regular gameplay.
    - FIFA 22 may experience an intermittent application crash during regular gameplay.
    - Map textures may fail to load or may load as blank surfaces when playing CrossFire.
    - Gears 5 may experience terrain corruption when using medium or higher quality graphics quality settings.
    - Some objects and textures in Halo Infinite may render black and fail to load. Lighting may also appear blurry or over exposed in the multiplayer game menus.
    - Guardians of the Galaxy may exhibit texture corruption on some interactive objects.
    - Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition may experience minor texture corruption.

    Known Issues for Intel Arc Control
    Intel will continue to refine and improve the stability of Intel Arc Control following its initial launch. Many of the below known issues will be resolved in a shortly upcoming Intel software release.
    - Intel Arc Control Studio may fail to capture microphone audio when streaming for extended periods of time.
    - Intel Arc Control may fail to start after a driver installation or upgrade. A workaround is to restart your system.
    - Checking for driver updates or attempting to install driver updates through Intel Arc Control may sometimes cause an “Error Installing Driver” message to appear.
    - Smooth Sync is enabled by default when “Application Choice” is selected from the Frame Delivery settings in the Intel Arc Control game settings page.
    - Intel Arc Control hotkeys such as “Alt+I” may fail to work in some games that are capturing keyboard inputs such as CrossFire and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.
    - Invoking the Highlights hotkey may sometimes produce an “Unknown Error” message via the Intel Arc Control overlay.
    - When altering the performance metrics overlay visibility in Intel® Arc™ Control, some settings may intermittently fail to be hidden from the performance overlay.
    - The Performance Tuning page in Intel Arc Control may erroneously appear visible or configurable on unsupported platforms. When this occurs, changing settings on this page may throw an error message and/or will not function.
    - A Windows UAC prompt may occur when launching Intel Arc Control.

    - Intel Graphics Driver
    - Intel Media SDK Runtime (
    - Intel oneVPL GPU Runtime (
    - Intel Graphics Compute Runtime for OpenCL Driver
    - Vulkan Runtime Installer
    - Intel Graphics Driver Installer (1.0.610)
    - oneAPI Level Zero Loader and Validation Layer
    - Intel Graphics Compute Runtime for OneAPI Level Zero specification
    - Intel Arc Control
    - Intel Driver Support Assistant
  • Supported detection strings by operating system:
  • Windows 10:

    Windows 11:

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