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Size: 29,43 MB
Release: 2010-09-27 [September '10]
Downloaded: 209×

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  • Driver File name:
  • Driver OS support: Windows 7
  • WHQL signed for: Windows 7
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500 Driver Release for:
    - Intel(R) SCH US15W Chipset
    - Intel(R) SCH UL11L Chipset

    - Green noise appears when playing WMV on WMP with Gfx clock 266MHz (GMA500 Extension)
    - HDMI monitor can't  be recognized after S3 resume
    - Black screen after 3D Mark05/06 run 3 hours
    - Random corruption seen in WMV/VC1 clips (wmv/vc1 VLD)
    - DirectX version shown in CUI isn't consist with OS
  • Supported detection strings by operating system:
  • Windows 7:

Download driver v8.14.10.2030

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