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Interesting links about Intel drivers

This site contains all known and available links to Intel graphics card drivers. There are both historical, older, and the latest cards that Intel refers to with kernel code names and, occasionally, generation numbers. Just for better understanding of mutual relations we offer you some interesting links where you can find necessary technical information.

Interesting links about Intel drivers

    Intel Downloads for Graphics Drivers

    If you need complete confidence that drivers are directly from Intel, you need to go to their website and select the driver right here. However, you will only find newer driver versions.

    Intel Graphics Media Accelerator / Intel GMA

    The Intel Graphics Media Accelerator, or GMA, is a series of integrated graphics processors introduced in 2004 by Intel, replacing the earlier Intel Extreme Graphics series and being succeeded by the Intel HD and Iris Graphics series.

    List of Intel graphics processing units

    This page contains information about Intel's GPUs (Intel Graphics Technology) and motherboard graphics chipsets in table form.

    Intel Graphics Technology

    Intel Graphics Technology is the collective name for a series of integrated graphics processors (IGPs) produced by Intel that are manufactured on the same package or die as the central processing unit (CPU). It was first introduced in 2010 as Intel HD Graphics.

    Intel Codenames

    This page maps between Intel GPU codenames, marketing names, GPU generations, and CPU generations, while also giving a bit of history along the way.

    Device Hunt repositories

    Device Hunt includes an extensive list of most PCI IDS and USB IDS repositories, so you can easily find out what an unknown device is.

Latest Windows 11 64bit drivers

Version Date DNL 2024-03-29 1731× 2024-03-19 541× 2024-02-24 1842× 2024-02-15 935× 2024-02-07 841×

Latest Intel PDF datasheets

PDF Datasheet Date DNL 2021-12-14 2021-11-11 2021-11-04 2021-10-14 2021-09-14

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