Intel and AMD drivers for MS Windows

A list of 50 Intel graphics cores

Each Intel graphics card is based on a core and its technical solution. As a rule, newer graphics cores are smaller and more powerful. To get to know this, we have prepared a table with basic information about graphics core, for which we have or will soon provide the necessary drivers for Microsoft Windows systems.

A list of 50 Intel graphics cores

Latest Windows 10 64bit drivers

Version Date DNL 2022-03-25 22268× 2022-03-02 1326× 2022-03-02 1956× 2022-02-07 2791× 2022-01-27 347×

Latest Intel PDF datasheets

PDF Datasheet Date DNL 2021-11-11 2021-11-04 2021-10-14 2021-09-14 2021-09-08

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