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Basic info about the Intel Lincroft core

Every Intel graphics card is built on a core, in this case Lincroft. To know at least a bit of context, we offer you some technical information about this core. His abilities will certainly tell the year of release (2010) and the production process (45 nm). Here, of course, the latest kernel has the current release year and is manufactured with as little manufacturing process as possible. For gamers, it is still very important to support the highest version of DirectX and OpenGl.
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    The Intel Lincroft core, known as LIN for short, was introduced in 2010. Offers advanced 45 nm manufacturing process, DirectX 10.1 and OpenGl ES 2.0 support.

    Lincroft is a complete system on a chip incorporating both the southbridge and the silverthorne core from the previous generation on-die. The improvements resulted in up to x50 reduction in idle power, x2 reduction over overall system board size, and x2 reduction in overall system active power consumption. Lincroft incorporates the CPU core along with the 3d graphics (Integrated Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX535 GPU), the hardware video acceleration, display controller, and memory controller.
    In addition to the higher integration, Lincroft employs an extensive set of power-saving features including Enhanced Geyserville (eGVL/ULLFM mode) allowing for an additional ultra-low c-state and heavy power gating techniques. Lincroft also introduced a couple of new performance features such as Burst Mode and Bus Turbo Mode.

    Below you will find links to the appropriate drivers for the Lincroft core.

Intel Graphics card name PCI ID device Core Download drivers
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 600 PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_4102 Lincroft

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